10 tips to improve your writing and ignite creativity

To get the words flowing, try starting at the end. You might also use a prompt, rewrite a classic, or craft a poem based on fodder from your spam folder. 

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Every writer gets stuck.

Instead of waiting for the creative fog to lift, here are 10 ways to get the words flowing:

1. Cover your screen while you write.

If you find yourself doing more editing than writing, try covering up (or, on a laptop, angling down) your screen while you type. You can just close your eyes instead.

At first, it will seem odd to not see the words that you’re typing. However, this technique can help you write faster and express your thoughts more freely.

2. Set a daily writing goal, and track your progress.

If you want to improve, you must put the work (and the words) in.

Set a specific—and achievable—goal of how many words you want to write per day in 2019. Track your progress over time to hold yourself accountable.

3. Use a writing prompt.

Not sure what to write about? Skimming through writing prompts will often propel your mind toward a good idea.

Here are a few sources to get you going:

If you’re in a rut writing boring corporate copy, see what kinds of stories industry competitors are sharing. Freely “borrow” winning formats or formulas.

4. Start at the end.

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