10 tools for organizing your email

The weight of an inbox with hundreds of unread emails can be crushing. Prevent the horrors of an out-of-control email account with these tools.

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That little unopened letter symbol, the blinking red light, the “ding!” of a new message—each has become the string to our puppet, a Pavlov’s bell, if you will, bringing us to immediate attention dozens or, for some, hundreds of times each day.

Emails flood our inboxes, making it difficult to stay on top of conversations and keep organized, which in turn increases stress levels and reduces productivity. In my own quest to conquer the email beast, I’ve come across some great, helpful tools. Below are 10 that can help you increase email productivity and maintain sanity:


Many times, emails are drafted long before they’re sent. Boomerang allows emails to be scheduled and sent later on, providing users ultimate control over their communication. Specifically for Gmail, Boomerang is a free Firefox and Chrome plug-in that gives email communication a strategic advantage.


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