12 annoying social media practices

From random Facebook invites to auto direct messages, the author shares the social media habits that grate.

Most of the time I believe people do them because they don’t know better or have seen others do it, rather than out of a desire to be annoying or ineffective with their social media marketing. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

I tend to be more patient than others and thought a list of some of these annoying practices would be helpful. The intent is not to tell you what you can or cannot do within social media (that’s up to you), but rather to highlight some things you should consider changing to be more effective.

They are listed in no particular order of annoyance.

1. TruTwit validation

This is one that seems to annoy a lot of people, including me. Social media marketing is about relationships. Just as in real life, most relationships don’t work out too well when one person begins by distrusting or assuming the other is fake. What’s worse is a business starting out almost accusing a prospective customer. Drop TruTwit, and review bios and news feeds on Twitter to start relationships in the social graph on a good note.

2. Random Facebook event invites

Do I know you? Do you know me? Since I am a single dad in Oregon and, well, a bit older, why would you invite me to your rave party in New York City next week?

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