12 dated expressions that deserve a comeback

Do you use the same words or phrases over and over? Freshen up your vocabulary with these gems from the past.

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My go-to word is “great.”

How is my day going? It’s great, thanks! How is that new restaurant on the corner? Oh, the food there is great. You just did me a favor? Thanks so much for helping. You’re great!

When I catch myself falling in to a rut like this, I try to pay attention to what other people are saying to give myself some new alternatives. Recently, when I did a favor for someone, he told me, “Thanks! You’re a peach!”

Not only did I decide right then and there that I’m going to start calling people peaches instead of great, it got me thinking about other outmoded expressions that would be fun to bring back. (We’ve talked about this before.)

Here are 12 words and phrases I’d like people to start using again:

1. In a tizzy: to be in an excited, confused condition

How to use it: “The party would be starting in less than an hour, and the hostess was in a tizzy to get everything ready.”

2. Crackerjack: something that’s top notch or exceptionally good

How to use it: “You’re a crackerjack writer.”

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