12 most infuriating things to do on social media

Do you comment on posts without reading the articles they reference? Do you call people names? You must be itching to alienate people.

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Here are 12 ways you can tick people off:

1. You don’t read the referenced article.

It’s important that you not read the article you’re commenting on. The best way to look completely ignorant is to make comments on something you know nothing about.

2. You only talk about yourself.

The best way to not make friends on social media is to not interact. Don’t be friendly or generous with your retweets, either.

3. You insult people.

Personally attack someone you don’t know. It’s also helpful to make judgmental statements about someone’s character or appearance.

4. You ignore comments.

Whether it’s on social media or your blog, do not reply to comments. It’s a waste of time and beneath you.

5. You spam people.

The best way to ensure someone will report or block you is to repeatedly spam links to your stuff. Sending auto direct messages on Twitter asking people to buy and like your stuff- especially if you send them repeatedly-is particularly effective.

6. You disagree.

Even if you like someone, disagree with his point just to make sure you have the last word.

7. You call people names.

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