12 most overused fonts that can damage your brand

This list goes beyond Comic Sans—way beyond. So are you using of these fonts?

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Exposure of a consistent brand is essential to building name recognition. To achieve it, companies need image guidelines that all of their employees follow; these must include a company font to be used on all communications, presentations, etc.

That font will speak to your brand forever. To make sure it has strength, here are 12 fonts to avoid at all costs:

1. Comic Sans

No one is surprised that this is No. 1. Comic Sans may have been cute and playful once upon a time, but everyone and their mother has used it for homemade signs and logos, so avoid it like the plague. It should never be used in corporate settings.

2. Papyrus

You might think this has a “natural, beachy” feel, but it doesn’t. That has been worn off with overuse. It now appears stale and used up.

3. Copperplate

You think it’s strong and professional, and it’s just perfect for your law firm/accounting agency/serious business. If you want to look like everyone else in your industry, have at it.

4. Curlz

Going for the cute and perky look is not a bad thing for certain industries, but doing it with the same font ad nauseam does nothing but destroy your uniqueness.

5. Mistral

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