12 of this decade’s most irritating words and phrases

It is what it is? No, not really—not ever, please.

For example, the 1960s had “groovy.” The ’70s introduced the tired word “bummer.” In the ’80s, “bitchin'” turned everyone into a surfer dude, and after the ’90s, no one wanted to hear the word “bling” anymore.

As for this millennium, I nominate “metrosexual” as the most irritating word thus far.

(Note: I won’t mention “like” and “you know” and “all” as replacements for the word “said.” They are too far-gone to be listed here.)

Here are 12 of the most irritating words and phrases today:

1. It is what it is

But it shouldn’t be anymore.

2. Man cave

Let’s let this one stay in its hole and not come out for a while.

3. Amazing

Um, not so much.

4. Baby bump

Enough already. Pregnant is pregnant.

5. Awesome

It is used so often it means nothing. This one gets the award for most overused.

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