12 things PR women can’t live without

From the essentials in your handbag to the must-haves at your desk, here’s your survival kit.

A career in PR can be unpredictable, busy, and challenging. Every day, we juggle a multitude of responsibilities, and we need to be available 24/7.

To help with the demands of the job there are a few essentials that will keep you looking your best and ready for whatever the wonderful world of public relations will throw at you.

Handbag essentials

Notebook and pen

For keeping those all-important to-do lists and remembering ideas, we always carry a notebook and pen. Inspiration often hits you at the most unexpected times. Spot a great PR-stunt while walking down Oxford Street? Just read a fabulous interview feature in a magazine, perfect for your client? Write it all down, so all contact details and inspiration are safe.

Phone and charger

Emailing on the go, tweeting like a champ, checking client coverage on your daily commute or when working at an event all day—chances are good that your smartphone will not be able to keep up with your high speed and the battery will go. Having a fully charged phone will mean that you are never out of the loop and clients can always get hold of you. Plus, how else would you get your Instagram fix?

Kindle (or book)

For that morning commute, aside from grabbing a copy of the Metro before jumping on the train or bus, having a great book to get lost in will make the journey speed by. Whether it’s an inspiring autobiography or an epic romance, find something to suit you.

Makeup bag

A must for those needed touch-ups before a client meeting, or to transition effortlessly from day to night. After-work drinks often are suggested at the last minute, so creating a quick smoky eye and applying a darker lipstick will mean you are ready to go.


Especially if in the UK, you can never guarantee that you aren’t going to get caught in a drizzle or a downpour. Nothing ruins an outfit or makes you feel awful the way rain does.

Bottle of water

You will be very busy and often running around the city, especially for a long press day, so it is important to stay healthy and hydrated.

Desk essentials

Black blazer

Keeping a blazer over your chair will mean you are always able to smarten up any look. Clients can drop in at any time, and a black blazer is the perfect way to add that instant professional look to any outfit.

High heels

The same applies to heels, it’s not essential to wear heels all the time (depending on the office) so again, it is always handy to keep some simple black heels under your desk. You never know what might happen.

Nail polish and file

With all the meetings and inevitable hand-shaking, it’s important to keep your nails in great condition and the polish looking clean.


For when you need to zone out and concentrate fully on a task for a few hours, headphones will help you focus. Put on your favorite playlist, and get to work.

Sticky notes

For to-do lists, contact numbers, and messages for colleagues, sticky notes are an office must-have.


To keep up to date with the world and when stuck for inspiration or suffering from writers block, flipping through a magazine might be just what you need to get back on track.

What other things couldn’t you live without?

Jazz Chappell is pursuing a major in PR at Leeds Metropolitan University. She is also a contributing writer for Your Coffee Break, where a version of this story first appeared.

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