12 things to do after you write a blog post

Follow this checklist and watch the readers pour in.

You did it. You wrote the best blog post ever. That’s great.

But what do you do now? No one knows your post exists.

You have to promote it and, lucky for you, Divvy HQ made a handy infographic checklist filled with ways you can plug your newly minted blog post.

Some suggestions are well-known—insert keywords—but others are less obvious, like post a comment with your URL on another blog to answer someone’s question.

Here’s a peek at the first five ideas on the list:

1. Add keywords to your post.

2. Take advantage of your RSS feed.

3. Shorten your post’s URL.

4. Tailor your status updates.

5. Post teasers on other sites.

Check out the graphic for the rest of the list:

(View a larger image.)

Kristin Piombino is an editorial assistant for Ragan.com.


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