12 ways to thank your brand’s customers and fans

People love gratitude, so show them some. Pick one (or more) of these suggestions and show that customer or social media fan some love. It could go a long way.

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But you’re a business person. When you sell your products or services, customers are getting something in return. It’s a market exchange. You don’t need to thank them. They don’t need to thank you. Strictly business.

Wrong! Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When people are involved, there are social norms. They may say, “Pleasure doing business with you.” But, the truth is that there really isn’t any pleasure until you let them know what a pleasure it was for you to do business with them.

It’s time to start thanking your customers. Here’s how:

1. Send them a card.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned thank you card. In the digital age, getting something tangible in the mail means everything. When they see your signature, customers will know you are truly grateful for their business.

2. Buy them a book.

Want to do one better than a card? Buy a book that can be useful for your customer and write a note telling them why you think they could use the book. This thoughtful gesture tells them that you are not only thankful for their business, but also that you are interested in their success going forward.

3. Thank them publicly on social media.

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