15 commercials to watch before Super Bowl XLVI

Because waiting another week is too much to bear.

Bacon-wrapped Lit’l Smokies—check.

Bud Light—check.

Tostitos and Ro*tel dip—check, check.

Pre-gaming the Super Bowl is as much a ritual as the sporting event of all sporting events itself. And several brands are getting in on the action leading up to Super Bowl XLVI (that’s 46 for the Roman numeral challenged), unveiling their ads before kickoff.

Some of them are the actual spots that will run on Super Bowl Sunday, while others are teasers or contest finalists. Can’t say we enjoy them all, but they offer a glimpse into what you can expect in between the action—or, for many of you, during the real action—on the big day.

So, go ahead and crack one open and enjoy the preview:

1. ChevroletHappy Grad (contest winner)

2. VolkswagenThe Bark Side (teaser)

3. DoritosSling Baby (contest finalist)

4. SuzukiSled

5. SketchersMr. Quiggly (teaser)

6. E*TRADEBest Man

7. GoDaddyBody Paint

8. Coca-ColaIt’s On (teaser)

9. AudiVampire Party

10. LexusUntitled (teaser)

11. BridgestoneShocked & Tweet-less (teaser)

12. Century 21Operation: C21 Super Bowl (teaser)

13. Car.comConfident You

14. SamsungNext Big Thing (teaser)

15. PricelineNegotiator’s Last Deal (unofficial)

But that’s not all:

H&M fans will swoon over David Beckham during a a rather unorthodox style of football than he’s used to;
Dannon is slated to make its Big Game debut with a little Uncle Jesse John Stamos action;
• Kia will sport Adriana Lima instead of the hamsters; and,
M&M’s introduces the world to Ms. Brown.


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