15 tips for writing faster

The craft of writing can be a tradeoff between quality and quickness. This infographic has techniques for boosting your daily word count—without getting sloppy.

In any corporate setting, the ability to write well is enormously valuable and can provide relative job security. But the ability to write well quickly—that’s pure gold.

You might be thinking:

I write at the speed I can; how can I write faster?

It takes practice, of course, and requires the ability to translate thought into prose in close to real time. Speed doesn’t come overnight. Revolution is always a process—not an event.

Custom-Writing.org has published a 15-step infographic that outlines rules, tips and techniques to juice your writing speed:

1. Silence your inner editor.

2. Structure is everything.

3. Defeat distractions.

4. Track your words-per-hour.

5. Format at the end.

6. Write what you know.

7. Keep all notes in one place.

8. Use a 30-minute timer.

9. Do a 5-minute workout.

10. Build connections between your tasks.

11. Get comfortable while writing.

12. Think about your reward.

13. Choose the most productive time of day.

14. Play typing games.

15. Practice.

By providing the list, the infographic aims to make speed writing seem easy—or at least attainable.

Think of it this way: the faster you write, the more time you can focus on other projects. After all, time is money whether you work for yourself or punch a clock.

How do you keep the words flowing, PR Daily readers?

Check out the infographic for specifics on Custom-writing.org tips:


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