17 more made-up words

You won’t find these words in the dictionary, but many communicators use them anyway. 

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It can be fun to take a break from writing, editing and corporate communicating to play with words.

I love to read and write about words that others have invented.

Put aside that press release and let’s have some fun with these made-up words:

1. Afterclap: the last person to clap at a performance or event.

I know Alison is proud of her daughter, but does she have to be the afterclap every time?

2. Askhole: a person who asks too many pointless, intrusive or obnoxious questions.

I’m never going out with that askhole again.

3. Beerboarding: extracting information from colleagues by buying them drinks.

I think the only way to get answers from the IT folks is to beerboard them.

4. Confrazzled: being confused and frazzled.

Being forced to use this new content management system has left everyone confrazzled.

5. Chuckology: the study of Chuck Norris.

As the Chuckologists say, what would Chuck do?

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