20 tips to help you proofread like a pro

And if you are a pro, these guidelines are essentials for your livelihood.

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Whether you have been editing for years or are a newbie, the following tips can improve your skills.

1. Always double-space your documents. It makes reading and proofreading easier because you can write above and below the sentences.

2. Never rely on screen reading and software-assisted grammar checkers to proofread or copyedit your documents. Remember that grammar and spell checkers don’t catch homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings: e.g., hear and here) or words with letters that typists frequently transpose, such as form and from.

For error-free results use electronic tools and print a hard copy of your document—no matter how many pages. To save money, recycle your printer paper by turning over the sheets and reusing them for subsequent revisions. Don’t scrimp by skipping this step.

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