21 ways to boost your content’s viral potential

This infographic from Backlinko offer plenty of insights about the factors that can contribute to content hitting it big.

Professionals who deal in content, are all chasing the idea of going viral. That’s easier said than done, of course, but there are some techniques that can boost your content’s chances of attracting more eyes.

For instance, here are a few tips from search-engine-optimization training firm Backlinko:

  • List posts are great. Posts with a number are two times more likely to generate clicks. But don’t stop there. Headlines with an odd number have 20 percent better click-thru rate than headlines with an even number.
  • Images will boost your post’s potential for going viral. And it’s not just images in general—it has to be the right images. Professional images see 121 percent more Facebook shares than semi-professional images.
  • Don’t just use share buttons, make sure they’re visible and above the fold. You can also ask your readers to share the content.
  • Short URLs are also a key to getting more clicks—they’re 2.5 times more likely to attract a click.

For more data-driven insights on how to help your content go viral, check out the infographic below. (Click here for a larger image.) ​


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