3 content marketing lessons from ‘BoJack Horseman’

The Netflix series about a washed-up ’90s TV star offers some great storytelling insights.

BoJack Horseman” is one of my favorite new shows to binge-watch. It’s off-the-wall, satirical and witty. After devouring season two the day it came out, I’ve already seen the series multiple times over and was impressed with Netflix’s new strategy. By creating its own shows in a line of “original series,” the streaming service is proving that content marketing is here to stay. Here are three lessons I picked up from watching “BoJack Horseman.” 1. Keep storylines consistent.

The writing you use for content marketing should be created the same way as a blog post, social media updates or a pitch letter. You’re crafting a story for your audience.

On “BoJack Horseman,” BoJack steals the letter “D” from the Hollywood sign as a gesture of love. In a later scene, the “D” is destroyed, leaving the Hollywood as simply, “Hollywoo.” This silly storyline is carried throughout the rest of the show (the “D” is even left out in descriptions of the episodes), which pulls the whole storyline together.

2. Connect your content.

The creators of “BoJack Horseman” did a great job of weaving BoJack’s reality and the real world together. In addition to clever social and cultural references in the form of characters, street banners or satirical scenes, an episode of the show features a flash on the television of a character entering Litchfield Federal Penitentiary. Binge watchers of Netflix know this place well, since it’s the setting of another original series, “Orange is the New Black.”

If you create amazing content, make sure you link it together in appropriate places so your fans and customers can easily find it. Cross-promote blog posts, updates and articles on your social media channels for maximum success.

3. Create a world for your content to live in.

Once your content marketing efforts are successful, don’t stop there. You should create a unique brand and story for yourself through the content you continue to share.

BoJack Horseman is a washed-up 90’s TV star, and everything he does is in line with that. Through the shows-within-the-show “Horsin’ Around” and “The BoJack Horseman Christmas Special,” Netflix demonstrates clever content marketing may have no limits. Those two shows were both poorly written, but that is exactly what they were meant to be. They serve as a mini advertisement for the real show.

Keeping consistent storylines, connecting your work together and creating a unique image for yourself are all content marketing lessons I gathered from “BoJack Horseman.” Have you seen the show? What other tips can you think of? Beth Adan is a publicist at Three Girls Media, Inc., a boutique public relations and social media management agency located in the greater Seattle area. A version of this story original appeared on the company’s blog.


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