3 crisis scenarios your organization might not be prepared to address

Ensure you’re prepared for new risks with help from the experts at this conference webcast.

Technology and social media have created remarkable new ways for organizations to engage audiences and advance their goals.

It’s also opened a Pandora’s box of new risks and threats to their well-being.

Most organizations have some form of a crisis communications plan in place, but many haven’t updated it in years. Does your plan address these relatively new potential scenarios?

  1. An unfounded rumor on Twitter has quickly escalated into a trending hashtag condemning your organization
  2. Cybercriminals have stolen sensitive data—and your customers want a detailed explanation of what happened and how
  3. Your organization has spoken out on a sensitive political issue, and you have to respond to the blowback without compromising your stance

If you don’t have a protocol for these situations, don’t fret. Join experts during the Crisis Communications Conference Webcast on May 10.

You’ll get detailed advice on how to address the latest risks facing organizations in today’s heated media and online landscape. Hear how communicators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ben & Jerry’s, Webroot and more have successfully overcame crises.

Don’t let an unexpected mishap permanently damage your organization’s reputation. Get the skills you need to plan for and respond to any crisis unscathed.

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3 Responses to “3 crisis scenarios your organization might not be prepared to address”

    Dasia Greer says:

    As many PR professionals know, encountering crises is inevitable. This article provides pertinent information on how to manage crises and sustain an organization’s reputability.

    Kaylynn says:

    After reading this article, it really helped me further understand some mistakes that companies can go through while handling a crisis. Maybe by attending a conference like this, some companies can prepare their companies more than they would if were not to attend. Hopefully, more companies can think of further strategies to help prepare themselves from future crises.

    Ronald N. Levy says:

    A crisis PR guideline that can help you move up, not out, is to brush and floss but don’t do your own dentistry. You’re almost surely highly qualified for your job which is why you have it, but judge whether you may do the job even better by bringing in help that’s well worth it from prdaily advertisers.

    It could be common sense to see what their ad pitches are, then call in three or four for a capabilities presentation. This way when a crisis comes or even before, you have the benefit of not only your own skills and experience but also knowledge of what help is out there and can be called in to maximize your success.

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