3 frustrating challenges communicators in highly regulated industries face

Don’t let red tape hold back your efforts—join experts for this one-of-a-kind conference webcast.

If you’re a communicator in a highly regulated industry, you’ve probably felt a little jealous of big consumer brands that pull off creative, spur-of-the-moment campaigns and content.

You’d love to push the envelope like that—but you’re faced with the following:

  1. Lengthy approval processes that make it hard to put out timely, relevant content
  2. Confusing and vague rules about what you can and can’t say
  3. A conservative leadership team that doesn’t want to take any risks

ConEd, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Marathon Petroleum and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory overcame these same obstacles—and they want to show you how.

Join them for the Best Practices for Communicators in Highly Regulated Industries Conference Webcast on Nov. 9.

This conference will give communicators in utilities, health care, finance, insurance and government the chance to learn from and network with peers in similar industries.

You’ll get smart strategies to craft more creative content, work more efficiently with your legal team and gain buy-in from senior leaders.

Push the envelope with your communications while still playing by the rules—register today.

Register here.

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