3 inspiring communications tips from Microsoft, Amazon and Hulu

See how communicators at the world’s top companies overcome their challenges and surpass their goals.

Are you almost ready to throw in the towel when it comes to adversarial senior leaders, disengaged employees or a distrustful public?

You’re not alone. Changing technology and emerging trends are making it harder than ever for communicators to do their jobs.

That’s no reason to give up—just ask these communicators at Microsoft, Amazon and Hulu. Here are their tips to overcome your most stubborn workplace challenges:

1. Rob Wolf, director of communications at Microsoft, works with influencers to engage the public in an authentic, genuine manner.

2. Amy Alcala, director of global internal communications at Amazon, stresses that the best way to build employee advocacy is to develop a full understanding of staffers’ needs and wants.

3. Mike Rocco, manager of employment branding and communications at Hulu, uses its new intranet to promote conversations among all levels of the organization.

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