3 marketing lessons from Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’

The e-commerce giant is starting up its own ‘sales holiday’ this week, and marketers can learn a few things from its approach.

With its new “Prime Day” Wednesday, Amazon is looking to blow special shopping days such as Black Friday and Giving Tuesday out of the water. (The shopping site is promoting the day has having “more deals than Black Friday.”) The idea has struck such a chord that Target and Walmart have gotten in on the mid-July action. The event will feature flash deals and sales for Prime members. The goal is to push new memberships for the company’s $99-per-year subscription service, which offers buyers free two-day shipping, access to instant video, Kindle rentals and more. A day of deals is yet another added benefit. Take a look at these 3 PR Lessons from the big push behind “Prime Day.”

1. Celebrate your history.

“Prime Day” is happening in honor of their 20th anniversary. It’s important for companies to celebrate historical milestones. Longevity helps customers trust you more. Public relations pros can benefit from creating nostalgia about the company’s past and using it to propel the present.

2. Reward customer loyalty.

In addition to spurring new subscriptions, “Prime Day” rewards existing Prime members by giving them access to special deals and shipping rates. Since Prime subscribers’ memberships pay off relatively quickly, Amazon is giving these existing members an extra special treat. In addition to the deals, Amazon is also running a photo contest called #PrimeLiving in which Prime members can enter to win $10,000 in gift cards.

3. Timing is Everything

Had Amazon chosen to hold “Prime Day” closer to Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Valentine’s Day, chances are it wouldn’t be the game changer may turn out to be Wednesday. Analysts are saying the event could generate more income than past Black Fridays, but if “Prime Day” was a direct competitor to Black Friday, both sales days would suffer. If you choose the timing of your event carefully, your marketing work can have a bigger impact.

Do you plan on participating in “Prime Day”? Please share in the comments below. Beth Adan is a publicist at Three Girls Media, Inc., a boutique public relations and social media management agency located in the greater Seattle area. A version of this story original appeared on the company’s blog.


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