3 PR lessons from ‘Suits’

Fans of the show have watched attorneys plot and carry out strategic moves and countermoves. PR pros can take a page from the drama’s playbook.

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Although the worlds of law and public relations might seem different, they have plenty of similarities. For instance, both industries are client-focused: Consultants provide strategic counsel and position their clients in a good light within a fast-paced, ever-changing professional environment.

PR practitioners can pick up a tip or two from the popular drama. Here are some lessons that even Specter would approve of:

1. Master the art of reading people.

Specter plays poker. That’s how he got so good at reading people.

It’s an important skill. People are always giving out tiny signals. If you can catch them and use them to your advantage, you will be extremely successful in PR. Learn to predict what others are going to do before they do it.

The PR industry involves a lot of persuasion. Whether it’s crafting a pitch, meeting up with journalists or making a phone call, think of yourself as a charismatic salesman. To forge a connection, you must master the art of reading people—including media contacts.

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