3 PR lessons from ‘Super Smash Bros.’

There’s more to the game than colorful characters zapping each other. There are a few lessons within about teamwork and knowing one’s strengths.

Video games aren’t just a way for kids to pass the time. Playing them can bring friends together to share in some childhood nostalgia. I recently played some old Nintendo 64 video games, including “Super Smash Bros.,” which got me thinking about some lessons from the game that could be applied to the world of public relations. Here are three PR lessons from the game that throws every Nintendo character together in a brawl for all. 1. Play to your strengths.

In “Super Smash Bros.,” every character has different skills and strengths. There are pros and cons to choosing each character, and experienced players know how to use those skills to their advantage. When creating a public relations plan, you should also focus on your strengths and build them in as cornerstones.

2. Collaborate.

Do you see a blog or company that is posting similar updates as you? Instead of ignoring them, follow them and try to make a connection. Ask to collaborate or for advice. Just like in the world of colorful video game characters, in the online world of content marketing and public relations, you can’t avoid people. You not only need opponents, you need teammates.

You can’t play team or battle video games without other people. It would be as if you were the only person posting on Twitter. You’ll need to choose friends, contacts and other people to collaborate with and share ideas, much like picking a teammate to play against computer players. Pay attention to the people in your network and learn their interests and strengths. Find ways to collaborate and share strengths to get the most out of your public relations efforts.

3. Make the most of your time.

Timed battles are one of the most fun aspects of “Super Smash Bros.” In a free-for-all battle, players have a set amount of time to win. Learning how to manage your time throughout your workday is also important to staying on top of the game. Prioritize your tasks to get the most out of your day. You can schedule your social media posts to go live at peak times of day when you’ll get the highest viewership.

Beth Adan is a publicist at Three Girls Media, Inc., a boutique public relations and social media management agency located in the greater Seattle area. A version of this story original appeared on the company’s blog.


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