3 reasons why an outside eye could help your marketing

It can be tempting to do it all yourself, but there are some downsides to in-house marketing efforts. Here’s how an outside team can benefit your next campaign.

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As increasing numbers of corporations and institutions move to internalize their marketing efforts, they risk losing a pair of key benefits agencies provide.

The first is that they no longer profit from these marketers’ experience with other clients. Work done for other organizations could provide valuable insights into the problem your organization faces.

The bigger issue, however, is that an internal team is too close to the brand and the people building it.

Here are three reasons why your proximity to your brand could be hurting your marketing:

1. You can’t prioritize.

Choosing what is most important about your products or services can be like picking between your children. Thus, you run the risk that everything is treated as equally important.

Experts find even the minutiae interesting, leading to an overestimation of the average consumer’s time, interest and commitment. You might think new features are revolutionary, while your audience may just find them unnecessary or irrelevant.

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