3 social media lessons from ‘Game of Thrones’

The popular HBO fantasy series is back, and with it, some important reminders about using social media for PR and marketing.

Lessons can often come from unexpected places. So, on the heels of the return of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” here are some social media takeaways from the popular fantasy book and television series.

1. Repeat important messages

The common refrain from the Stark family—”winter is coming”—is meant to warn countrymen of the impending harsh season to prepare them for tough times ahead. It’s repeated many times throughout the series to drive home its importance.

This same tactic can be employed across social media channels to promote specific events, coverage and news so that the message is not missed. Though it’s important not to over-saturate audiences with the same message (We get it, winter is coming.) Moderation and diversification of message channels to reach different audience segments is key.

2. Ensure clear, careful messaging

Viserys Targaryen would surely agree, it’s important to be clear with one’s messaging. A crown made of gold may sound appealing, but when it’s molten gold being poured over one’s head it’s a bit of a different story.

With social media, it’s particularly important to ensure the audience understands the messages being posted, tweeted, and pinned. A misspelling or typo can sometimes alter a message’s meaning. And a date or time error on an event promotion can spell disaster. Double and triple check a message before it’s posted.

3. Use sound judgment

SPOILER: Drinking while hunting on horseback might not be the wisest of decisions, as King Robert quickly learns. Using one’s better judgment in social media management is certainly not life or death, but a misguided or accidental post can cause problems.

Avoid linking multiple accounts to your mobile device to prevent accidental personal account postings to company pages.

Caitlin Whitehurst is a public relations manager at JZMcBride and Associates, a public relations and marketing firm in downtown Cincinnati. Email her at caitlin@jzmcbride.com.

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