3 ways to prepare for media interviews

Interviews don’t have to be scary. Learn the secrets to handling the press confidently and comfortably.

In a world of breaking headlines, media training is more important than ever. Staying calm while surrounded by cameras, microphones and journalists can be overwhelming for anyone.

Don’t get caught off guard. Tackle the problem before it arises by learning how to:

  1. Take advantage of your spokespeople’s personalities and strengths instead of trying to change them
  2. Adopt and test protocols to prepare spokespeople for bad news when it strikes
  3. Answer questions and deliver information in compelling language and quotable sound bites

You’ll learn how to thrive in front of the camera during The Media Training Survival Guide Virtual Summit on Nov. 16. During this three-hour virtual workshop, you’ll hear from media training expert and Ragan affiliate consultant Nick Lanyi, as well as experts from FEMA and Media Training Worldwide.

Register now to learn the skills you and your spokespeople need to make interviewing a breeze, and how to handle high-pressure situations while protecting your brand.

Register here.

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