3 ways to use Facebook for B2B marketing

The social network needn’t be a place for companies to appeal to consumers only. Savvy business-to-business brands are using platform—and yours can, too.

While Facebook has proven to be an excellent marketing tool for business-to-consumer companies, many business-to-business (B2B) companies are asking whether managing a Facebook page is worth their marketing dollars and efforts.

The answer is simple: Any social media community in which a brand invests time can produce worthwhile results with the right strategy. Before throwing Facebook out of the 2013 social media plan completely, try implementing these helpful tips:

1. Find new ways to share

B2B organizations should take advantage of the engagement opportunities Facebook offers by sharing information in new and exciting ways. One way to encourage interaction from followers is through the use of Facebook’s tab applications, which can be customized to share other social media accounts, upcoming promotions, and industry-relevant news.

For inspiration, check out Cisco’s Facebook page. It has eight unique custom tabs that allow users to choose how they want to engage with the brand, whether through following the company on Twitter, reading news about the company, or participating in interactive learning activities.

2. Show your assets

Sharing client testimonials, company success stories, and philanthropy fulfillments, such as community volunteering days, are all great ways for a brand to endear itself to the public while flaunting successes. There are, of course, limits to the amount of bragging a company should do. Posting a success-related post a couple of times a month is more than acceptable, while a couple of times a week might seem too pushy.

ClearRisk, a maker of insurance apps, uses its Facebook page primarily to amplify the reach of the company blog, but about once a month the brand also uses Facebook’s highlight feature to showcase an award the company has received or a new product it has recently launched. This conservative use of Facebook as a platform for sharing good news has earned the niche, B2B brand a sizable collection of loyal and consistent followers.

3. Be relatable

Every company, B2B or otherwise, can use more brand ambassadors. Facebook is teeming with people, who want to be engaged.

Just check out Intel, a B2B company that has thrived on the Facebook environment by sharing posts with funny content and interactive games aimed at engaging its more 16 million followers. Due to the relatable and always Intel-relevant content, users are frequently “liking,” sharing, and commenting on the company’s posts.

More B2B brands would do well to take a page from Intel’s book by developing a page with personality and creating posts optimized for the average Facebook user to share.

Has your B2B found success on Facebook through the use of these or other tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Gini is a social media strategist and public relations professional working for The Targeted Group. Read more from her here and follow her on Twitter @giniarnold.


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