3 worksheets for improving your grammar, style and editing

Because writing is hard.

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The English language is notoriously difficult. Even for native speakers, the grammatical and spelling rules can make your head hurt — is it swim, swam or swum? Their, they’re or there? What is a semicolon even for?

For those who learned English as a second language: we’re very sorry.

Beyond even the fickle nature of the language, business writing layers on additional challenges. You have to remember that AP style, the choice of many communicators and journalists, eschews the Oxford comma and wants you to write out the numbers one through nine but you’d better use numerals for 10 and up.

To help you unravel the mysteries of written business communication, we’ve compiled a list of Ragan Insider resources that will help you write and edit more clearly.

Common Errors

A worksheet from Stewart Communications.

Featuring tips including:

AP Style Essentials

Useful reminders such as:

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