30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Need a reminder why you have ‘heart eyes’ for your communications career? These might help refresh your memory. Plus, check out our list of current job openings.

Observing the warm feelings of Valentine’s Day in the dead of winter seems incongruous.

The cold weather has many dreaming of a beach and an umbrella drink, all the while cursing the biting wind and snow as they brave the frigid commute to work.

Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, brings the fragrance of fresh flowers and is a time to celebrate romance, drink wine and eat chocolate.

Still there is a connection: Both are ideal times for communicators to remember why they fell in love with their jobs. Here are four reasons PR and marketing pros go gaga over their careers:

  1. There’s a fast-paced, versatile schedule. Communicators must be quick on their feet. PR pros get numerous requests from clients or executives and sometimes have to navigate crises. Marketers must be nimble and continually adapt to changes in the industry. They must also identify what’s working and what’s not and adjust their campaigns accordingly. Though all that uncertainty might seem stressful, it sure beats the heck out of the same ol’ same ol’.
  2. You can see the fruits of your labor. Plenty of tools can help you prove the impact of a given campaign or project. Not only is it satisfying, but it’s also great to prove to higher-ups or clients that you know your stuff and what you’re doing is working.
  3. You get to flex your creative muscle—daily. In the words of Ragan Communications’ senior marketing manager Carlin Twedt, “Marketing is what English majors go into when they want to make money.” You know, he’s not wrong. In marketing and PR, you get to fulfill your affinity for writing and rev your creative juices every day. A big part of communicators’ jobs involves crafting press releases, creative copy and even quippy social media posts.
  4. The pay isn’t too shabby. We all want to do something we love—but making money doing so is a huge plus. PR and marketing pros are happy knowing their efforts will be well compensated. According to PayScale, the average base salary for marketing managers is $63,550 per year and $64,504 for PR managers. Both averages go up, depending on experience and continuing education. Of course, there are also higher-ranking positions in both fields that offer more substantial salaries.

This is only a sample of the reasons why communicators love their careers. What other reasons made you fall head over heels for your job, PR Daily readers?

Want to work for an organization whose mission is all about love? Dating service Match.com is looking for a manager of online marketing in Los Angeles.

It summarizes the position:

As Manager of Online Marketing, you will be responsible for the strategy and execution of online marketing campaigns to drive new customer acquisition and revenue growth for Match and its portfolio of subscription based brands.  You will be directly responsible for the creation, implementation, analysis and management of successful campaigns and initiatives across the Match.com brands.

This position requires applied knowledge of best practices in direct response advertising across display, social and mobile advertising channels as well as an analytical mindset and relentless drive to optimize online marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. You will operate on both a strategic and tactical level, covering all aspects of display advertising including campaign management, optimization, creative testing, and analytics.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Senior manager of executive and internal communications—GitHub (California)

Junior web developer—Ragan Communications (Illinois)

Digital editor—San Francisco Business Times (California)

Content/copywriter—Nexford University (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations manager—lululemon (Canada)

Communications and marketing lead—Pairwise (North Carolina)

Executive communication specialist—Ohio University (Ohio)

Communications manager—Faurecia (Michigan)

Director of strategic communications—The Nature Conservancy (Maine)

Marketing and recruitment manager—The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Communications specialist—Keurig Dr Pepper (Massachusetts)

Senior marketing coordinator—Autism Speaks (New York)

Sports reporter/page designer—Prescott News Network (Arizona)

Assistant public relations manager—UNIQLO Canada (Canada)

Social media analyst—United States Postal Service (Washington, D.C.)

Senior communications manager—Postmates (California)

Public relations manager—EF Education First (Massachusetts)

Senior director of consumer PR and social media—Northwestern Mutual (New York)

Restaurants reporter—Dow Jones (Illinois)

Public relations and events strategist—Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union (Missouri)

Senior communications specialist—MetLife (Rhode Island)

Social media manager—The Langham, London (United Kingdom)

Digital marketing specialist—Diamonds Direct (North Carolina)

Vice president of brand, content and creative—Vonage (New Jersey)

Associate Lifestyle editor—First Media US (California)

Content strategist/copywriter—Berry College (Georgia)

Email marketing coordinator—NBCUniversal Media LLC (Florida)

Marketing communications coordinator—Whitewolf Communications Inc. (Washington)

Senior public relations manager—Lagunitas Brewing Co. (California)

If you have a position you’d like to see highlighted in PR Daily’s weekly jobs post, or if you’re searching for career opportunities, RaganJobs.com is the perfect place to find or post high-quality job openings.       

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