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Is your LinkedIn profile impressing potential employers—or putting them off? Avoid these missteps on the networking site. Plus, check out our roundup of current job openings.

Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you as a professional.

After receiving your résumé, potential employers will probably make the networking site their first stop for examining your qualifications and achievements.

Your LinkedIn presence could elevate you as a prime candidate—or land you on the reject pile.

Feeling the sudden urge to click away and clean up your profile? Gwen Moran offers guidance in her piece for Fast Company, “These 8 mistakes on your LinkedIn profile are killing your job search.

Here are a few takeaways:

1. Make the most out of your headline, but don’t be misleading.

This should be a cut-to-the-chase summary of your professional acumen. Employers should get a clear sense of your current and past positions without piecing together vague descriptions. Don’t sell yourself short, though.

Moran writes:

The headline next to your photo is one of the most valuable pieces of LinkedIn real estate you have. Use it wisely, says executive recruiter and career advancement coach Suzanne O’Brien. If you have aspirations of moving up, don’t use your current title in your headline. Instead, opt for something that reflects the job you want without being misleading. “Try using something that encompasses your current role and where you want to go, along with your unique value,” she suggests. For example, “Leadership in Product Management with Mobile and Healthcare Expertise” or “Marketing Professional for High-Growth Companies.”

…Avoid very broad descriptions like “Consultant” or “Tech Explorer with a Systematic Approach.”

2. Make sure your résumé jives with your profile.

When sifting through a pile of résumés, employers want to dig as little as possible. Your résumé and LinkedIn profile should feature the same up-to-date information.

For the piece, Moran spoke with Debra Boggs, LinkedIn profile strategist and co-founder of D&S Professional Coaching, who said:

If you do nothing else before your next job hunt, do this: Pull up your resume and compare it side-by-side with your LinkedIn profile, Boggs says. Make sure the dates, positions, and job titles match. When resumes and LinkedIn profiles aren’t aligned, recruiters don’t know what to believe, she adds.

3. Save the wedding photos and selfies for Facebook.

There are ways to showcase your creativity or personality, but remember to keep your LinkedIn photo professional. A pricey headshot is not a must, but still, choosing a picture because you had a good hair day while backpacking through Spain probably isn’t a great idea.

Moran writes:

You don’t need to shell out big bucks for a professional photo shoot. But don’t use that wedding or vacation photo just because you like the way you look in it, Boggs says. Your photo tells a story about your professionalism. For a quick, budget friendly option, dress appropriately, find a place with decent natural light, and have a friend take your photo, she suggests. (No selfies.)

See the full list of mistakes to steer clear of on your LinkedIn profile here.

The social networking site has a slew of communications-related job openings. Here is a sampling of open positions at LinkedIn:

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Senior manager of executive and internal communications—GitHub (California)

Communications initiative program manager—Puget Sound Energy (Washington)

Junior web developer—Ragan Communications (Illinois)

Communications and media relations associate—Obama Foundations (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations manager—Rockwell Automation (Wisconsin)

Assistant editor – University Relations—Clemson University (South Carolina)

Corporate and internal communications senior manager—KIND (New York)

Editor in chief, Penguin.co.uk—Penguin UK (United Kingdom)

Corporate communications manager—Netflix (California)

Vice president of communications—SmileDirectClub (Tennessee)

Corporate and employee communications manager—bluebird bio (Massachusetts)

Communications and marketing specialist—The University of British Columbia (Canada)

AppleInsider west coast editor—AppleInsider (Remote)

Director of speechwriting and communications—Association of American Universities (Washington, D.C.)

Communications strategy director—Capital One (Texas)

Media relations associate—Fractl (Florida)

Communications and PR manager—JKS Restaurants (United Kingdom)

Content strategist—Ria Financial (Colorado)

Public relations manager—lululemon (Canada)

Director of communications—City of Austin (Texas)

Editor, 360—U.S. News and World Report (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations and content specialist—Commerce Bank (Missouri)

Executive and internal communications manager—Accenture (Illinois)

Proofreader/copy editor—Bader Rutter (Wisconsin)

PR manager, AWS—Amazon (Washington)

Digital communications and marketing specialist—University of Oregon, College of Education (Oregon)

Marketing manager—The Toro Co. (Minnesota)

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