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What skills will impress the manager interviewing you for a primo position? Find out, and then browse our roundup of current job openings.

Anything that sets you apart in a field of qualified contenders is helpful.

So, in a sea of job applicants—especially when they’re vying for that plum job you’re angling for—what skills will make waves with hiring managers?

In her piece for Monster, Sally Buffalo asserts: “These are the 9 skills that would make any hiring manager happy.”

Here is a sampling of the skills included, along with her explanation and our elaboration:

Critical thinking

Managers are busy, and many would prefer not to get involved with a problem if it can be remedied without them. Making an executive decision—after careful analysis, of course—will help you gain your leaders’ respect.

Buffalo states:

Critical thinking is the ability to make good decisions, and take appropriate action to solve problems. All employers everywhere value this ability, which also encompasses analytical skills like gathering and evaluating information.


Whether it’s discovering new ways to pitch a story, crafting a unique social media post that earns engagement or writing a blog post that tackles a topic from a fresh perspective, these creative endeavors are essential for successful communications. Tired, ineffective tactics won’t cut it.

Buffalo states:

This word can really do a lot for a candidate’s profile. Creativity, as it pertains to the working world, means having a knack for coming up with imaginative and original ways to solve problems or create new value. This is about more than just innovation. This is about seeing something that isn’t there, then making it appear.

Data management

Scads of data are available to boost your communications efforts and your organization’s bottom line—but they are useless if you don’t understand them. Being able to make sense of mounds of metrics and identify what’s working (and what can be ditched) is an incredibly useful quality for employees.

Buffalo says:

Understanding, researching, translating and compiling data are increasingly valued abilities in many industries. The amount of data companies collect and manage has exploded in recent years and employees need to be comfortable working with all that information. Data can be any type of information that has meaning and needs context: A study your company commissions on a specific area of industry analysis, a spreadsheet containing your company’s lapsed customers, or even a report on how a single post on a single social media platform performed.

In her “5 skills that will impress every hiring manager” piece for The Muse, Becky (Fisher) Karsh takes this idea a step further by including an understanding of Excel.

In-depth knowledge of that facile Microsoft tool can make you a highly desirable job candidate.

Karsh shares:

What’s the most important tool in your quantitative analysis arsenal? Excel. While you can learn how to use it on the job, many jobs don’t want (or don’t have time) to teach employees how to do it. So, if you come in knowing how to proficiently use Excel—and I mean really use it—you’ll save your employer tons of time and be much more marketable as a new hire.

Got your interview skills sharpened, résumé polished and those skills locked down?

The Colorado Health Institute seeks a communications specialist in Denver.

It summarizes the position:

The Colorado Health Institute seeks a thoughtful communications professional to help us expand our readership and community impact through social media, website content curation, targeted news releases and application of website analytics. The position might also include design of publications and informational graphics, as well as writing and editing.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Communications senior specialist—Cargill (Minnesota)

Senior strategic communications manager and Infosys managing editor—Autodesk (California)

Chief marketing officer—University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)

Communications specialist—Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health (Pennsylvania)

Social media strategist—Lynn Hazan & Associates (Illinois)

Fashion PR intern—Agentry PR (New York)

Social media and communications associate—International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations manager—Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (California)

Communications manager—JLL (New York)

PR Middle East – EMEA—LaLiga (Spain)

Public affairs assistant—The Royal Society (United Kingdom)

Director, marketing and communications—College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (Nevada)

Content editor—Amazon (Washington)

Sports communications internship—American Junior Golf Association (Georgia)

FIFA global brand senior manager—EA Sports FIFA (Canada)

Digital communications manager—Methodist Health System (Texas)

Network communications and media specialist—The University of Vermont Medical Center (Vermont)

Media officer—British Veterinary Association (United Kingdom)

Community engagement manager—The Gazette (Iowa)

Digital marketing and social media coordinator—MSC Cruises (Florida)

Managing editor, communications—GM Financial (Michigan)

Vice president, external relations—University of British Columbia (Canada)

PR and communications director—UNIQLO (New York)

Marketing and communications specialist—SmithBucklin (Illinois)

Communication and event specialist—ETSU (Tennessee)

Operations and communications coordinator—Cushman & Wakefield (Kentucky)

Communications and marketing specialist—Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico)

Director of marketing and university relations—Vincennes University (Indiana)

Communications and social media manager—National Italian American Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

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