Infographic: Tips for PR grads entering the workforce during this pandemic

In a profoundly different work environment, new grads will have to find new ways to offer value to an industry looking for new solutions.

New PR Grads Infographic

Whether or not the economic recession from the COVID-19 crisis lasts, new grads will enter a different workforce this summer.

However, much of the practices that will help them find their first PR jobs remains the same. Now is the time to think about how you can differentiate yourself and add skills to your résumé that organizations will need in the coming decade.

Here’s a hint: Digital knowledge and prowess will only be more valuable.

This infographic from Swyft offers some tips to new grads on how to approach the job search after graduation this spring.

Top tips include:

  • Get some new certifications for your CV.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.
  • Volunteer your services.

For the full range of suggestions, read the full infographic.


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