4 questions to guide your content creation

Without being able to time travel, how can PR pros know the right time to publish material for their niche? Here are some questions to direct your efforts.

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It’s important to create stuff people want to see.

With thousands of organizations competing for the same eyeballs and dollars, many retailers will attest that they “just need content” to be competitive—content for their e-commerce site, their newsletter, their marketing efforts and more. Every industry must find the right way to reach its right audience at the right time, but for industries like retail whose seasonal drives can make or break the bottom line, the need for relevant content is even more crucial.

The question is: In this rush to develop and pump out content, are we missing its purpose?

Content can mean different things to different retailers, but a good way to think about it from a sales/marketing function could be called the “Back to the Future” Dilemma: How can you ensure your content is in front of people at the exact moment they are making a decision. Just like protagonist Marty McFly, who must get through to his parents at the exact perfect moment, you want to catch your consumer when they are open to suggestions.

Before embarking on any content campaign (or engaging an agency on your behalf), consider these 4 questions:

1. What type(s) of content will resonate with your customers?

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