4 steps to running a great social media competition

PR and marketing pros can boost engagement and brand reputation with online competition. Here’s how to launch one one that wins.  

Many people enter contests, sweepstakes and giveaways through social media platforms, but a contest isn’t just beneficial for the winner.

Social media contests can be a great way to engage your customers, build your brand’s positive reputation online and grow your online presences.

Here are 4 steps to put on a successful social media contest:

1. Pick your tool. Once you have your excellent, creative and potentially viral concept for your contest, it is important that you choose the right technology to help you execute it.

That may mean developing an application in house or hiring a third party vendor like Strutta or Vertigo. Whatever you decide, make sure the technology platform that you choose can support your concept.

2. Set the terms and conditions. Don’t just set the terms for people entering your contest, but make sure you are also aware of the social media terms and conditions related to the site that you would like to host your contest on.

For example, Facebook has very strict rules about promoting your brand and contest on their platform.

3. Get your content ready. Once you’re set on the contest—and social platform’s—terms and conditions, prepare your content.

We recommend building a content library that you can pull from as the contest is running. You want to make sure that contest content is shareable and has a clear call to action. It should also be fun and engaging, making clear what your participants are going to win if they enter.

4. Launch and manage. Finally, you must be prepared to manage your contest in real time.

Having a team that can answer questions and concerns along with talking to your prospects as they participate in the contest is essential for its success.

Katie Creaser is the vice president of Affect. A version of this story originally appeared on YouTube.

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