4 things your content must do in 2019

Join experts at Disneyland and discover how to tell stories that break through the noise and get business results.


Your audience likely sees ads and product placements before they even get out of bed in the morning.

How can you make them care about what your organization has to say?

The experts at the Brand Storytelling Conference at Disneyland, Sept 19–20 in Anaheim, California, understand that powerful narratives are the answer.

Specifically, they’re making sure their content is:

  1. Concise. Getting to the point quickly is crucial in an era of short attention spans.
  2. Authentic. Customers, shareholders and employees all want transparent, genuine communications.
  3. Data driven. Analytics are crucial to understanding the preferences of different audiences.
  4. Revenue generating. Business leaders will invest in your efforts if they see they’re driving the bottom line.

Discover how to tell stories that do all the above by joining us at Disneyland for this one-of-a-kind conference. You’ll hear from top communicators at Disney Parks, PayPal, North Face, Microsoft, Ben & Jerry’s and more.

Save your seat at this can’t-miss event today.

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