4 tips for better press releases

Press releases aren’t dead, but they do need a lot of care and attention to truly be effective.

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This isn’t another “press releases are dead” post. I believe press releases have a very important role in communicating a business’s updates to the public. The problem is that most of the time, releases announce something that doesn’t line up with what the target audience cares about. It’s human nature to discuss what’s on our minds. However, too often businesses forget to step out from their corporate vantage point and into the smartphones or local papers of their customers. Sure, your new software update or .001% drop in rates is a change you want to announce to the world, but ask the question: “Will your customers understand or care about the news?”

Of course, that’s not true of all organizations. Not all businesses are created equal, nor do they have the same audiences. Apple could release an iToenail ClipR and get plenty of coverage.

For the companies that aren’t the Apples, Teslas or Ubers, what’s the secret to standing out and being heard?

Here are four tips to ensure your press release is not dead-on-arrival when it hits a reporter’s inbox.

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