4 tips for holiday social media campaigns

Some visual flair, consistency of message and a group effort can all contribute to a successful social media effort built around a holiday.

Independence Day is right around the corner, and beyond it is a slew of holidays ready to greet us in the fall. Marketers are taking to social media to make the most of holiday marketing campaigns. Rightly so. A recent study conducted by Twitter shows that 64 percent of Twitter users have been influenced to purchase a product because of the social platform.

What makes a holiday social media campaign stand out, especially when everyone else is hopping on the bandwagon? Here are a few things that social media marketers should keep in mind to make a splash, no matter what the occasion.

1. Claim a creative hashtag.

This should be one of the first steps you take when developing a social media campaign. By employing a hashtag, you’re not only able to carve out a place for your brand and its message in the social media community, you also make it easier to track conversations and insert your brand’s voice for increased engagement. Using a unique campaign hashtag alongside a holiday hashtag that may already be trending (for example, #HappyIndependenceDay) can also help to get your message in front of an extended audience and can pick up even more traction and engagement.

2. Keep things visual.

By now, it’s well-known that visual posts get the best engagement across almost every social platform. However, in a space that’s oversaturated with cheesy stock imagery and run-of-the-mill photos, organizations can set themselves apart by incorporating custom images into their holiday social campaigns.

Is your company raising money to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving? Is the team having a potluck “Souperbowl” luncheon to celebrate the big game? Whether you’re using a photo editing tool to create eye-catching graphics or taking your own high-quality photographs, integrating unique visuals into your holiday campaign can help increase audience engagement.

3. Give your website a holiday makeover.

Your social networks are fully immersed in holiday spirit, but what happens when users click through to your website? That is often the goal, after all. Though your holiday social media campaign is first and foremost just that – a social media campaign – your website should send the same message. Whether it’s Christmas or Martin Luther King Day, make sure your brand’s holiday message remains consistent across every facet of its Web presence.

4. Invite everyone to participate.

Word of mouth continues to be the best form of promotion, so use your holiday campaign to get your audience and your employees involved and acting as your spokespeople. No matter the holiday or occasion, promotional strategies such as contests and sweepstakes that require users to share your post with their friends and followers are always a great way to get your campaign—and in turn, your brand, products and services—shared with the masses.

Your employees can be valuable brand ambassadors during the holidays and all year round. Whether they’re using the holiday hashtag your campaign has established, sharing photos and images, or posting their own related content, the more representatives sharing your message, the more people are exposed to it.

Holidays are great unifiers, whether they’re bringing people together to celebrate a religious ceremony, an important national anniversary or a season. Coming up with unique social media campaigns that tie back into these holidays can truly engage customers, both current and potential, and generate incredible results. ​

Sarah Matista is content marketing manager at Webs, Vistaprint‘s digital services business.


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