4 tips for using word-of-mouth to tout your brand

Personal recommendations carry great weight with would-be customers. Here’s advice on using testimonials to drive traffic and tapping influencers’ clout to extend your online reach.

Consumers’ word-of-mouth is marketing gold.

Customer reviews are easy to access in the internet age, and many people look at online reviews before buying a product or employing a service. They also look to friends and acquaintances for recommendations.

Here are a few tips to accelerate your word-of-mouth marketing:

1. Bring influencers into the equation. A social media influencer can be anyone from a Hollywood celebrity to a social media icon to a popular blogger. A referral from an influencer can increase a brand’s visibility and credibility. Some influencers are paid by brands to tout their product or service, but their followers are more likely to trust their recommendations if they align with the brand’s ethics and values. To achieve this, try conducting a search via Google or social media networks using popular hashtags or buzzwords. Build authentic connections with influencers for optimum impact.

Get customers to create content. According to research by Crowdtap, a social-influence marketing platform, millennials spend more than five hours a day reading content created by their peers. That illustrates the importance for businesses to reach out to their customer base to create unique and authentic user-generated content, which builds consumer trust. Marketing campaigns that include user-generated content often see a spike in sales.

3. Encourage customers to share user-generated content. Influencers can help promote user-generated content to an audience that might lie outside your brand’s reach. Customer incentives can create magic for promoting user-generated content. For instance, launch contests on social media with prizes for creating and sharing videos and images, or host a giveaway. (Check laws on holding contests, though.) Create a unique and catchy hashtag to make the content easily accessible.

4. Encourage customers to write online reviews. Encourage your customers to write online reviews. Whether positive or negative (hopefully positive), online reviews help make your product more transparent and make your claims verifiable. If you get a negative review, respond with excellent customer service skills, providing a solution for your dissatisfied customer.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.

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One Response to “4 tips for using word-of-mouth to tout your brand”

    Bob Bly says:

    Reviews should be honest. That being said, in many instances negative reviews can really hurt you. Example: A few bad reviews can really bring down your product’s star rating on Amazon.

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