4 ways to find the best person to pitch

Journalists aren’t the only people with clout these days. PR pros should consider how online influencers, bloggers and others can help promote campaigns.

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Am I a PR pro, content marketer, online marketer, online influencer, citizen journalist or a blogger?

Am I all of the above? Does it matter?

Yes, it matters—especially if you’re in PR.

In today’s online world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to identify and define what job category applies to the average marketing person, journalist or online influencer-which can make a PR pro’s job confusing.

Who do we target in pitches and campaigns? All of the above? In the converging online world, the lines are often so confusing it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts.

To illustrate, I’ll use myself as an example. Based on my online persona, I am all of the following:

With this example, the fact that I fit into more than three categories illustrates a problem and opportunity for PR pros. The problem is deciding whom to pitch when you don’t have a clear-cut way to define a person as a journalist, influencer or other. The opportunity comes when you realize it doesn’t matter—influencers come in many shapes and sizes.

The influence formula

The formula is simple: trust + reach = influence.

Influence is on a sliding scale—if a person has a degree of each element, he has influence.

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