46 percent of us are less productive without coffee

Plus, there are health benefits.

A Dunkin’ Donuts study says public relations is the second-most caffeinated industry in America. No wonder its practitioners are so productive.

Nearly half (46 percent) of people are less productive without coffee, according to an infographic from OnlineMBAPrograms.org. The infographic traces the history of coffee—from how it was discovered to its rise as the second-most traded commodity on earth—and explains some of its help benefits.

For instance, coffee lowers the chances of:

• Heart disease,
• Liver Cirrhosis,
• Type II Diabetes,
• Depression,
• Stroke,
• Gout.

So, go ahead and have that afternoon cup of coffee today. It’s good for you (and even better if you have several small doses as opposed to one large cup).

Here’s the infographic:


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