49 unbeatable words for the game ‘hangman’

True talent can be found in the most unexpected places. In this author’s case, her own children revealed their zeal for language after a few rounds of a familiar word game. Broaden your vocabulary with these examples.


Anyone who spends time with kids knows their patience is truly a virtue.

Whether it’s standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for food at a restaurant, kids complain about being bored within milliseconds.

Mine are no exception. Rather than reflexively pulling out my phone to keep them entertained, though, we often play an old-fashioned game of “hangman.”

In case you don’t remember, the game goes like this:

One player chooses a word and the other players try to guess it by asking which letters it contains. Every wrong guess brings the guessing players a step closer to losing and adds a body part to the “hangman.” The game is easily won by coming up with words that can’t be guessed easily.

My kids are masters at this, and they helped me to come up with idea and words for this post. Here are 49 words that can increase your vocab prowess and make you a “hangman” champion.

  1. Awkward
  2. Bagpipes
  3. Banjo
  4. Bungler
  5. Croquet
  6. Crypt
  7. Dwarves
  8. Fervid
  9. Fishhook
  10. Fjord
  11. Gazebo
  12. Gypsy
  13. Haiku
  14. Haphazard
  15. Hyphen
  16. Ivory
  17. Jazzy
  18. Jiffy
  19. Jinx
  20. Jukebox
  21. Kayak
  22. Kiosk
  23. Klutz
  24. Memento
  25. Mystify
  26. Numbskull
  27. Ostracize
  28. Oxygen
  29. Pajama
  30. Phlegm
  31. Pixel
  32. Polka
  33. Quad
  34. Quip
  35. Rhythmic
  36. Rogue
  37. Sphinx
  38. Squawk
  39. Swivel
  40. Toady
  41. Twelfth
  42. Unzip
  43. Waxy
  44. Wildebeest
  45. Yacht
  46. Zealous
  47. Zigzag
  48. Zippy
  49. Zombie

Any other words to add to the list, PR Daily readers?

Laura Hale Brockway is writer and editor from Austin, Texas. Read more of her work on PR Daily and at impertinentremarks.

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44 Responses to “49 unbeatable words for the game ‘hangman’”

    Xavier says:

    Surprised Zephyr is not included in this list as for most people I go against never guess it and most of the time I win

    Tyler says:

    The word ‘Sphynx’ has no vowels, almost always getting 5 wrong guesses before they guess consonants. Then 5 weird ones.

    PO8 says:

    A 1970s CP/M hangman I played had a fantastic word list. I have tried to find it without success. Ones I remember are Icicle and Pizza. Slough isn’t terrible.

    jnoj says:

    – pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    – antidisestablishmentarianism
    – floccinaucinihilipilification
    – aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic
    – prestidigitation ( even though it has a lot of vowels in it it is still long enough to fool your opponent)
    And the other ones you just have to learn how to spell and then they are great words and you pretty much always win.

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