5 best practices for brands and individuals on LinkedIn

New features are just part of the way communicators can make the most of the professional network. Much of it depends on how users approach the platform. Consider these ideas.

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Through a combination of data and analysis and taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, you have quite a bit to work with.

Here are five tools and approaches:

  1. Self-audit: The start of a calendar year is a great time to reevaluate your brand’s content. See what’s worked well and what could be improved. Ideally, you’re already keeping track and optimizing throughout the year, but consider this a good milestone to incorporate feedback and create or rejigger a killer strategy. Remember to consider your purpose and why you’re using LinkedIn for your brand. That will help inform your work.
  2. Test out new features: LinkedIn has launched features for Pages that could be useful for your brand, such as:
    1. The “Invite to Follow” button—which, very similar to what Facebook has had for years with Pages—but you can invite your network to follow a page.
    2. Live video with the new and aptly named LinkedIn Live. You could try it at a conference or other or to address Page followers.
  3. Test out old features, too: Are you using video with your posts? Have you thought about animating information to create more of an “infobite” for content? Though hashtags are relatively new to the LinkedIn sphere and users seem to still be figuring out how best to employ them, you should—for your brand or as an individual—be using them. Doing so could amplify your content and connect you with new audiences and users.
  4. Consider readability: Tagging other pages and individuals in your posts and using hashtags are a good way to amplify posts, but are you thinking about readability? Oftentimes there are too many linked items in a post making it difficult to read. Adding hashtags or even Page or people tags a few spaces below your main post could make all the difference in someone’s engaging with your post or skipping over it entirely. Play around to find a good balance for your brand—and certainly a great deal of engagement depends on the content.
  5. Be a good conversationalist: Remember, you can comment on posts, respond to comments on your own posts, start conversations and contribute to trending conversations. Are you taking advantage and engaging in this way? Think about how you can draw engagement with your posts.

There are certainly a good number of ways to up your game on LinkedIn with best practices applied to both your Pages and any individuals. Look at these top pages from 2019 as added inspiration, and think about what made them “the best.”

Laura Bedrossian is VP for social strategy at Hot Paper Lantern.


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