5 keys to establishing a social media presence

Setting up an account or set of accounts isn’t the end of the process. After that, you’ve got to connect people with some great content.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you have created social media profiles for your business, you should be pretty proud of what you have accomplished so far. So now what? How do you gain likes and followers? You’ve got compelling content, but how do you let people know it is there? Here are some simple ways to help establish a recognizable brand on social media. 1. Network (in-person). Attend any and all networking events in your area. If you can make a connection face-to-face and then refer to your social profiles, you are much more likely to have gained a follower who will engage with your brand. 2. Network (online). Determine who in your industry or community has the most influence. Who is it that people trust when looking for information about your industry? Once you have identified them, the next step is to (tastefully) find ways to engage them with your brand. If they bite, it could mean the world for taking your brand to the next level. 3. Analyze. Don’t get too caught up in low reach numbers and engagement levels in the beginning. You can still look at the data and analyze what type of content is getting people involved. It is important to look at both the good and the bad and use that information going forward. 4. Join the conversation. Don’t expect people to go looking for you or your posts online, you have to let them know you are there. Do this by engaging with others on a regular basis. Conversations with other established brands help you get noticed. 5. Keep messaging consistent. It is especially important in the beginning to keep your messaging consistent so people can figure out who you are. Any discrepancies will only confuse your followers and discredit your hard work. Establishing a brand from scratch is really hard work, but don’t get discouraged. If you keep at it, and use these tips, your brand is sure to see success! Kaitlyn Hannah is a public relations and communication major at Boise State University, where she serves as vice president of the school’s PRSSA chapter and online editor for its independent student newspaper, The Arbiter. Follow her on Twitter @KaitlynHannah92. A version of this story originally appeared on Boise Urban Magazine. (Image via)


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