5 metrics that will soon fade away

Comments don’t reflect the quality of a piece of content, and TV is veering from its longstanding role to more of an Internet-hybrid role. Measurement focus must change, too.

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What insights do you value? Here are the marketing metrics that are heading down the tubes:


With publisher platforms constantly changing the rules about comment quality and with spamming reaching epidemic levels, the number of comments a piece of content receives is becoming less and less relevant.

Sometimes the most insightful pieces will receive the fewest comments, while salacious and controversial content will receive high reception from viewers, readers, and trolls. Comments are no longer the indicator for success that they used to be.


You might be asking yourself, “Why would viewability not be valued?” It is, and that’s the point.

That marketers even have to ask whether their ads will be viewable is ridiculous. The level of viewability is a metric that will soon die off, because it will be considered a given that your ads are viewable.

Marketers are sick of asking this basic question. If you are paying for an ad, it should be viewable. Otherwise, why are you paying for it? Marketers are starting to see how silly things have been.

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