5 reasons your company or client needs a blog

Blogging is an essential component of social media strategy. Here’s why.

Although blogs were a new concept once upon a time, PR professionals should be familiar with them by now. Providing valuable information and opinions on a variety of subjects, blogs can be—and are—written by anyone from experts and professionals to stay-at-home parents and even young kids.

In the corporate world, and for many consumer electronics brands, blogging has also become an essential component of a social media strategy—and for good reason. If you’re not already blogging for your company or your client(s), here are five great reasons to log on and get started:

1. Search opportunity is knocking

Having a blog gives your company more opportunities to show up in search results. Without a blog, someone searching relevant keywords for your site may only find your homepage. By blogging about timely subjects on a regular basis—with relevant keywords—each post has the chance to show up in search. If your blog has a clear tie back to your main site—and it should—the traffic to your blog has the opportunity to drive people to your company site as well.

2. Google gets fresh

In an effort to provide users with more up-to-date and relevant search results, Google introduced the Google Fresh campaign. Essentially, the search giant now ranks sites with fresh content higher than static, unchanging sites. With a blog, you have the capacity to very easily add new, fresh content every week so those Google bots will continue to recognize your site.

3. Social hub

A company blog is the ideal place to create the content that you share on other social channels. Why drive your followers and fans to other sources when you can direct them to your site? Detailed posts on interesting topics or new products also serve as the destination for potential new customers, rather than sending everyone directly to the homepage to search for the relevant information on their own.

4. Viva la PR coverage!

As PR professionals, we work hard to generate awesome media coverage. However, news happens fast and that post on Yahoo News can be buried within a few days, maybe even hours. Writing a blog post to summarize and link to the coverage gives the story a new online home—a cozy place where it can live forever. Again, this is a great place to direct fans and followers to view your great PR hits.

5. Get personal

A blog is also a great place for current and potential customers/clients/employees to learn more about your company. Posts about team members or company outings and events—as well as the writing style on the blog—can tell someone a lot about your organization on a more personal level.

Do you already have a company blog, either for yourself or your client(s)? Let us know in the comments section.

Ashley Halberstadt is the vice president at Orange Public Relations, a division of BLASTmedia. A version of this story first appeared on the Orange Public Relations Blog.


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