5 signs you’re at a terrible networking event

How can you make sure you’re attending the right outings and not wasting your time? First you need to know the signs of a bad event.

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Well, first you need to know the signs of a bad event.

Sign No. 1: You’re the first to arrive—and you’re late.

It’s hard to network when there’s no one to network with. Nothing says “waste of time” more than arriving at an event only to find that the person who put it on didn’t promote it properly. Do yourself a favor—turn around and make a break for it.

Sign No. 2: You know everyone at the event.

Unless you’re just looking for a fun night out, what good will a networking event do you if you already know all the attendees? Yes, it’s important to continue strengthening your relationships with these people, but you also need to attend events where you have the opportunity to make some new connections.

Sign No. 3: No one’s talking.

Some people say that when no one is talking at a networking event it’s the perfect chance for you to get the conversation rolling. And while that might be true, it’s more likely that it’s just a rotten event in the first place. Leave—or grab a drink.

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