5 skills anyone in customer service should master

It doesn’t take a psychology dregree keep customers happy. Check out this infographic with essential techniques for turning critics into believers.

Poor customer service always has the same result.

The customer never comes back and alerts their friends, causing a ripple effect perpetuates until the problem is solved. Before social media, smartphones and hyper connectivity, organizations could survive sporadic spats of negative feedback; now, bad reviews can send stock prices plunging.

The key to good customer service is to address the unique challenges that come from doing business in today’s social-driven landscape.

Sparkle Training recently identified the top five challenges that communicators face today:

1. Personalization of the customer journey

2. Having a holistic view of the customer

3. Ensuring operational efficiency

4. Leveraging different customer touchpoints

5. Engaging a disappointed customer

How do you solve these issues—or at least get around them? Check out the infographic below for some tips:


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