5 spring cleaning tips for your social channels

It’s not just your home and your wardrobe that need sprucing up. It’s time to update and refresh your online networking efforts.

It’s that time of year again. Time to clean out the closets, get rid of the household clutter, and do a deep cleaning to get rid of the winter cobwebs.

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to your home. Dig into those social channels, and use this season to put some polish on your social outreach.

1. De-clutter your fan base.

Use a social tool like tweepi to identify and weed out inactive users on your social channels. Start spring fresh with a clean, organized, and socially engaged fan base.

2. Give your channels a social makeover.

Time to toss out the old wardrobe for updated styles. Modernize your cover images on Facebook and Google Plus, profile pictures, and social channel backgrounds to show your brand in a fresh light.

3. Refresh dusty social channels.

Re-evaluate your social channels. Unused, abandoned, or lackluster pages are signs that no one is engaging with the brand. Have you not posted in months? Time to rethink your overarching social strategy and decide which social channels still make sense in order to maximize fan engagement.

4. Organize lists.

Create lists on Twitter that match your demographic and social influencers. Whether you’re creating a private list of competitors or publicly classifying best customers, it’s important to identify and organize key people who make your marketing mix successful. This also helps you listen to relevant conversations based on the audience you’re targeting.

5. Spring into action.

Partner with a local community group or nonprofit and host an event outdoors. Take advantage of the sunshine and extra time you’ll have now that your social channels are refreshed.

How do you clean up your social channels? Let me know in the comments section.

Carrie Peterson is the social media director at Internet Marketing Inc. in San Diego. Follow her on Twitter at @CarrieSavvy.

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