5 steps to scoring your first client

Trying the freelance life or starting your own firm? Here are tips for overcoming one of the biggest hurdles.

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It applies to every business online and offline.

It’s the most important question and the one that least often gets mentioned.

How did you get your first client?

Here are the five essential steps to making that first client happen with less risk and exponentially greater chance of success.

1. Decide on a job description that fits you. Rather than reconfigure yourself to fit a pothole or a problem, figure out what you’re most suited to do. Your past successes will tell you what you’re good at. For inspiration, look to the crossroads of your expertise, experience, talent, and skill sets, and your favorite ideas, people, enchantments, and work elements that you find fun.

2. Define at least one clear, concrete offer that you know in your bones you can deliver in case someone asks you. A job description or even an elevator pitch is not an offer. An offer is a defined, discrete, reasonable, work transaction that can be presented for acceptance.

For example, I offer a two-and-a-half-hour workshop called, “Who’s Talking about You?” In the ideal scenario, it is three parts:

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