5 terrible tattoo typos

While typos often have grave consequences, few are as egregious—or as permanent—as misspelled tattoos.

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These typos are the responsibility of the tattoo artist, not the human canvases, but if you choose to print words on your body, you might want to hand the artist a neatly printed transcription, monitor the inscription of the tracing draft, and revise it as necessary.

My daughter, normally the sensible sort—except, of course, for the whole tattoo thing—was prevented from possible inclusion in this hall of shame when her best friend, fortunately in attendance during the inking procedure, pointed out the omission of a letter in a word the artist preliminarily inscribed on her arm with a pen.

The Internet abounds with images of tattoo tragedies, and it was difficult to pare the possibilities to a manageable number for this post. But here, in order of egregiousness, are the five most boneheaded blunders:

No, you’re not. Oh, it’s not a misspelling of handsome? It’s supposed to be awesome? No, you’re not.

But you would be if you returned to the tattoo artist and—free of charge, of course—had a red caret and a matching “e” inscribed.

What an honor it must have been for the person bearing this tattoo to be a bearer of the Oylmpic torch, though that’s not as memorable as being a torchbearer for the Olympics.

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