5 things LinkedIn members should endorse (hint: drinking)

With all the free love happening out on LinkedIn, it’s like an online version of the musical ‘Hair.’

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I picked up seven more endorsements from my colleagues on LinkedIn! I now have more endorsements than Mitt Romney got in last year’s election.

Now, I’m not stupid. I know that LinkedIn has made it soooooo easy to endorse someone on LinkedIn that it’s really not all that special to get an endorsement from someone.

It’s sort of like having sex with Paris Hilton or doing drugs with Charlie Sheen: You really don’t have to work very hard to make it happen.

I mean, it would be different if people actually had to actively seek you out and endorse you, and if they had to write a little something about why they are endorsing you, and maybe mention why they are even qualified to endorse you.

But that’s not how it works on LinkedIn. Out there, it’s practically impossible not to endorse someone.

Anytime you either (a) look up someone’s name on LinkedIn, or (b) click a link from your email to check out a new contact’s profile, a box like this one automatically appears:

If you want to endorse that person, all you have to do is check boxes! You don’t have to put any thought into it at all! You don’t really even have to know the person all that well!

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